2023 Multi-Style String Teacher Training

DATES for four FREE 2023 Multi-Style Online Teacher Training: Saturday, January 14th; Saturday, April 22nd; Sunday July 23rd; Sunday, October 22nd.
10:30AM-4PM EDT
Sessions are sponsored by: D’Addario Orchestral, NS Design, and Eastman Strings Series+



What You’ll learn from these Online Workshops

Teaching in the 21st century requires skills that most string teachers weren’t privy to while earning their degrees!

Learn new left- and right-hand techniques.

Develop creative musicianship skills from one of the top educators in the world (over 40 years of experience).

Receive materials you can use with your students, including backing tracks.

African American violinists created the first original style of music (post-Native American) in America on violin/fiddle. The blues evolved into R&B, rock/pop, Boogie Woogie, swing, and jazz. It is important for string students to understand the important role their instrument played historically and to be able to master some of the techniques involved, most specifically, improvisation over its 12-bar form.
Jazz is the most complex style of music to master…particularly for bowed strings players. While the melodies can be easy, the art of improvising over chord changes presents a huge learning curve.

The future is at our doorstep and my vision for the contemporary string player includes… One who knows fiddle styles (Irish, bluegrass, old time, Scandinavian, Cajun, country, et al.); can improvise in any style—blues, swing, and jazz as well as roots styles from around the world; greets odd meter such as 5/8 or 11/8 with expertise; can play rhythm violin; wails on the blues with lightning and thunder and is equally at home with the classics.
It’s a new identity that embraces diversity. As our world gets smaller, string teachers can be among the leaders that exemplify an inclusive and respectful approach to all citizens of the world.

—Julie Lyonn Lieberman


Please note: It’s EXTREMELY important to store a record of the URL to this page to get the SCHEDULE, zoom link, and handouts for the session. You will receive a reminder email to return to this page the week of the session to acquire both. 

If you’ve registered and do not contact us to cancel, you will have taken away another potential registrant’s opportunity to participate, so please be courteous to your fellow teachers:
julielyonnmusic (at) gmail (dot) com

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Mount a concert that journeys through time across America and beyond with a rich array of string music, media, and stories. Students and audience will experience how one instrument has transformed music, musicians, and audiences alike.
This production combines heart-racing, soul-stirring live music with fiddle parables, fun stories, anecdotes and jokes coupled with video projections, audio special effects, and interview material.
This production combines heart-racing, soul-stirring live music with fiddle parables, fun stories, anecdotes and jokes coupled with video projections, audio special effects, and interview material.

January and April Schedule

Details for this schedule, the zoom link, and handouts can be found below. For April, we will offer the same schedule, but upside-down to accommodate differences between time zones. Feel free to take half in January and the other half in April. The zoom link will allow entry at whichever time you need to enter the session. Please be aware that if you enter the session late, you may have to wait in the waiting room for a minute or two if Julie is busy demonstrating.

Please log in early to be ready for the session. Make sure you have an audio device or speakers attached to your computer to set up to play the tracks.


The following two zipped folders contain 15 PDFs a3 backing tracks for the Blues/Jazz Session.



This schedule will flip-flop for the April session to accommodate different time zones.