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   Julie has presented workshops and school residencies since 1976 throughout the United States and beyond—live & over zoom—for  students and teachers at major conservatories, middle and High schools, universities and

colleges. She has also presented for many international  music organizations, including ASTA state chapters and the National conference every year since 2003

Workshop Topics include:

 • Creative Musicianship

 • Technology for Strings

 • Playing Healthy

 • Multi-Style Techniques & Repertoire

 • Creative Conducting

 • CInematic Musicianship

 • Genre-Specific Sessions (American and International roots       styles blues, jazz, and rock)

Feedback   —————  Locations

What educators & students have to say about Julie's workshops …

I want to thank you for the special contribution you made to a very successful workshop. I especially appreciated the excellent performance you did on Sunday evening. Just great! Bravo and Brava!! I particularly appreciate your knowledge of musical styles from around the globe, your ability to demonstrate them authentically, and your effectiveness in sharing them with an audience. The presentations on Monday were excellent as well, with meaningful handouts and good connections with the participants. Thank you for a great kick-off for the week!

– Dorothy Straub, Director, Eastern Strings Workshop at Villanova

 Her words were as wise as her teaching style was warm, with plentiful laughter and insights that kept the mood light and productive …

 – Greg Olwell, Editor, STRINGS MAGAZINE

Julie Lyonn Lieberman can help you incorporate new approaches into your curriculum better than anyone I know.

– Roberta Guaspari Tzavaras, Artistic Director, Opus 118, Harlem Center for Strings

My students have learned so much from your residency at our school. Thank you for opening their ears and minds to the music of the world!

– Beth Hankins, The Lakewood Project, Lakewood, Ohio

Julie, this Facebook is a miracle, because, of musical pedagogues, you are a Titaness, and I can’t believe I am speaking to someone of such talent who has authored books and thoughts that have guided me so profoundly in my entire life outlook … not just musically.

-Carol Osborne Carriere

 Strangely, in all of my involvement in the alternative styles string world, I have discovered very little actually written about how to put something “alternative” together. Julie Lyonn Lieberman is one of the few people that has ever written any books on the topic. I have read “Alternative Strings The New Curriculum” cover to cover.

– Beth Fortune, String Director, Seattle

You have such a wonderful teaching gift. Whenever anyone asks how I learned to play, I always talk about you and your creative approach to rhythm and improvisation. You did more for my playing over the course of two years than I had achieved on my own in twenty. I play with several groups, which have a wide repertoire and enjoy sitting in on bluegrass and Irish jams now and then – none of which would have been possible without your help. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’.

– Rich Crossin

 Aloha Julie: Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your ASTA presentation! It really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of style and also reinforced many of the ideas that I have accidentally stumbled upon while trying to learn the Gyspy Jazz style of playing in recent years. I was just re-reading your handout and thinking, “Wow! So many powerful insights”. Thanks for sharing!

— Duane Padilla, Violinist, Hawaii

Partial list of organizations Julie has presented workshops for …

“The Academy” sponsored by Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall, and Juilliard

National Young Audiences

ASTA (American String Teachers Association)

ESTA (European String Teachers Association)

NSW: The National String Workshop

The International String Workshop

IAJE (International Association for Jazz Educators)

Opus 118

Carnegie Link-Up Program

Eastman Conservatory

Juilliard College of Music

Manhattan School of Music

Suzuki Association

New York University

New York Open Center

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

University of Stanford Jazz Workshop

McGill University

The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music

Berklee College of Music

Royal Academy of Music in Toronto, Canada

National Young Audiences

Centre for Human Performance & Health

Unison Learning Center

William Paterson College Jazz Department

New England Conservatory

National Organization for  Women

Duquesne University

Vandercook College of Music

New York University

Mercy College

Hunter College

Columbia University

Thank you so much for the rich workshop presentation you very carefully crafted. The feedback I got back was very positive! The teachers enjoyed the active playing portion of the workshop.
—Ann Medellin, Vancouver School District

I will never forget having this opportunity to work with you. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent and expertise with us at the MA All-State Conference!

Your passion for teaching is a burst of positive energy—and we needed it. SO inspiring!

— Kristy Foye, Richardson Olmsted Elementary School, Easton, MA

On the day I returned to Wales, I went straight into work. I started using one of your teaching methods on my first violin group! Your workshops were so educational for me on many levels. You’ve helped me with my own playing and teaching. The way you approach teaching has been very inspirational. I feel all fired up towards my teaching, and know I now have a lot more to give. I feel so lucky to have met you and had the opportunity to take part in your workshops.

– Heulwen Thomas, violinist and educator, Wales

Julie's PLAYING HEALTHY  workshop

Unfortunately, only a handful of musicians know how to create music in a flowing, pain-free manner. While many music medicine Centers have sprung up nationwide to meet the needs of injured musicians, Julie Lyonn Lieberman’s work has focused on helping musicians develop an understanding of natural joint and muscle function as well as new technical foundation designed to create a healthy, fluid, joyous experience while making music.

  • Natural Joint and Muscle Function
  • Principles (not rules) Based on Body Type
  • Mechanical versus Kinesthetically Aware Motion
  • The Thumb Hinge: The Key to a Healthy Left Hand
  • How to Access the Parasympathetic Nervous System to Change Muscle Response
  • The Chemistry of Nervousness
  • The Relationship Between Posture and Healthy Functioning Hands and Arms
  • Julie Lyonn Lieberman has presented various versions of this session for Eastman Conservatory, Juilliard, The New School, Berklee College of Music, Mannes, The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, National String Workshop, International String Workshop, ASTA, ESTA, NAfME, Manhattan School of Music, as well as for hundreds of other programs since her first-of-its-kind in the world book, “You Are Your Instrument,” came out in 1991.

Thanks to you Julie. You’re a treasure—the Sherlock Holmes of violin ergonomics! Perhaps the most important music lesson I’ve ever taken.  You don’t have to be playing with pain to benefit tremendously. 

When it comes to violin ergonomics, my classical teachers have tended toward a rigid “one size fits all” approach, while my fiddle teachers have been the opposite, with a “whatever; it doesn’t matter” style.

Julie presented a third way, an exploratory, flexible, and individualized strategy, solidly based on anatomy and brain function.  She demonstrated an uncanny skill for spotting awkward, uncomfortable, and inefficient movements with just a few moments of observation of each student.   She presented powerful insights and practical tips to prevent pain and injuries, as well as to make everything you play less effortful and more expressive.

— Christine Robbins

I really benefited from attending Julie’s Playing Healthy seminar. As always, she managed to not only pack in a lot of actionable tips but keep the energy bubbling along in a very dynamic and inspiring manner! I found the seminar to be a wonderful review and synthesis of the most important ideas and practices around playing in a very aware and balanced way. She was a much-needed pioneer in this field when she wrote “You Are Your Instrument” and is one of the most experienced coaches in the world to help players overcome tension and misuse of their anatomy. It’s an incredible opportunity to have these Zoom sessions with her in real time and be able to ask questions and receive feedback as well!

—Leah Roseman ViolinLessonOnline YouTube and Podcast host Conversations with Musicians with Leah Roseman

Julie’s lifelong quest has proved yet again to be invaluable to me as a professional violinist and teacher. Her Playing Healthy workshop offers crucial information on the anatomy of the upper body, brain, and nervous system. Participants take away countless ideas and tools for exploring memory, performance anxiety and a more efficient setup for ourselves and our students. Her principles of awareness allow us to have a higher quality of experience, sound and the key to enjoying our instruments for the rest of our lives.” —Melissa Holtmeier, Omaha Conservatory of Music

“I attended Julie Lyonn Lieberman’s Playing Healthy webinar and can truly say it is packed with excellent information I will be incorporating into my playing for years to come. I have been looking for this information for 40 years. I think that as a society, we have bought into a mechanical model of life far too much. I love how Lieberman combines ergonomics, learning, science, awareness, imagery, spirituality, psychology, research, and more into the service of making music. Stress, injury, audiation, and ergonomics were some of the additional topics covered. One of the best music webinars I have ever taken.
—Kevin Akin- Fair Oaks, California. Violin family luthier, guitar, mandolin, violin, and cello

I very much enjoyed Julie Lyonn Lieberman’s "Playing Healthy" workshop. I'm exploring my fiddle set-up as a result of the coaching she offered. I didn't realize my left thumb was so tight/stiff. The workshop provided me with an awareness about how to direct my attention while playing to catch habits that aren’t useful to me and instill new focal points into my awareness during practice. It's exceedingly useful to step back and look at how the body's anatomy works, and how to work with it instead of against it!
—Rhonda Kincaid

Julie fixed my violin position in three easy steps.

—Martin Caplan, violinist

Thank you again for a wonderful workshop! Carrying and struggling with tension has been a lifelong issue, in retrospect. I am slowly peeling away the bad habits and striving to decrease tension and optimize technique. I particularly enjoyed your focus on miming, mindful practice as well the numerous analogies you provided. I have put a quote from your workshop on my stand: "Focus on the quality of the experience: Create a vision that focuses on the final outcome."—Stefan, violin.

Julie's "Playing Healthy" workshops were not only quite informative, but also totally engaging. (I never expected 7 hours of 'lectures' to fly by so quickly!)
— Lynn Newdome

The class opened my eyes to what I was told was wrong about my preference for playing the violin. I have been trying to fit a round peg into a square box for half my life with regards to violin playing. I appreciate how Julie looked at my body and noticed that my arms are not as long and thus I could never make it to the tip of my bow when playing. As of this morning I made it to the tip!” I want to say to myself-“da!” But

Anyway. Thank you! 

— Jessica Platt

I was impressed how quickly she could assess a person's bow hold. She imparted many ideas for handling performance jitters; as well as preventing injuries. Thanks!

—Charlotte Patterson

In-Service Multi-Style Teacher Training 
Sponsored by D'addario Orchestral in partnership with NS Design and Eastman Strings

Trained in the 1900s to teach in the 21st century?
D’Addario Orchestral, Eastman Strings, NS Design, and Julie Lyonn Music are proud to offer quarterly in-service days FREE to string teachers to help you upgrade your skills for teaching in yesterday’s as well as today’s world.

Amplification … Pop/Rock … Irish … Appalachian … Bollywood … Klezmer … Creative Musicianship, Technology for Strings, How to Capture the Style, How to generate backing tracks and why they're so important, American and Roots Styles, Blues, Swing, Jazz and Rock/Pop Techniques and Repertoire, as well as Eye-Opening information about strings … and more!

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