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Julie Lyonn Lieberman has presented string teacher training sessions as well as residencies throughout the United States and abroad for over four decades.
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Creative Musicianship
Discovery and spontaneity on one’s instrument promotes a different level of engagement with music. Choose from the seven approaches listed below. 

• Modal Improvisation: Learning and applying world scales and world practice techniques to creative teaching and performance.

Six Approaches to Jamming: variations on a melody; riff-based; two-chord wonders; textural; style-based; working with chord changes.

• Riff-Based Improvisation: Drawing upon African, Latin, Kansas City Jazz, and rock traditions to highlight the use of riffs as a tool for the development of partnered melodic and rhythmic ideas into successful improvisatory phrases.

• Time-Based Improvisation: Two-beat, four-beat, four-bar, eight-bar, and 60-second approaches to the art of the solo with special attention to creating a scaffolding that contains a clear beginning, middle, end to the improvised phrase.

• Roots Music: Applying structural elements from folk traditions to generate articulate melodic-based improvisations: question and answer; repetition of ending phrases, mirrored rhythmic phrases, and the like; ornamentation; relationship between lower and upper registers.

• Three-Chord Wonders: Strategies for learning and teaching the I, IV, V chord sequences as found in the blues, Latin music, rhythm changes, folk tunes, and rock/pop music.

• Technology-Enhanced Creativity: The loop pedal as a compositional and improvisatory tool.

• Creative Conducting: Mastering and teaching student leadership as it relates to originating spontaneous pieces of music through creative conducting techniques. 

Playing Healthy
Julie’s ground-breaking work in this topic include the world’s first book for healthy practice and performance, You Are Your Instrument (1992), its five spin-off DVDs, and Playing Healthy workshops throughout the United States, in Canada and Europe. She is on the Wellness Task Force for American String Teachers Association.  For a more in-depth list, see Playing Healthy.

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Technology for Strings
• Pick-up versus a solid-body: what’s the difference?
• How to “plug in:” What do you need?
• Special effects
• The Looper: a tool for composition, creativity, and interaction
• Using the tablet for special effects and as a looping tool
• Audio publishing to raise money for your program


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Drumming Circles
How to rhythmize the brain and the bow utilizing a series of fun approaches.

One Tune, Five Styles
Julie will demonstrate the same melody in five different styles and teach participants right- and left-hand techniques linked to each style. Time allowing, she’ll also teach students the tune in the style of their choice.

Stump Julie
Students call out countries from around the world and Julie demonstrates a piece of music from each country. Students learn left- and right-hand techniques for each style as well as accompaniment techniques. 

Gypsy Jazz
Everything you need to know in order to jam on a Django Reinhardt swing tune.

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The Chemistry of Nervousness
The chemical processes that occur when the brain perceives an activity as dangerous or threatening and how to master that chemistry in favor of what you want to achieve.

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Violin and Viola Ergonomics
Determining the optimum support setup based on individual body-type.

The Art of the Performance
The difference between practicing and learning a piece of repertoire versus preparing to perform.

Jam Techniques
Solo versus group as it relates to communication, thought/feeling processes, and band leadership.

Playing Fast and Loving It
Muscle function as powered by the right brain via the parasympathetic nervous system.

Planet Musician
Practice techniques, scales, ornaments, and structures from around the world.

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Taking Care of Business
The use of social media and organizational techniques to power a more successful career in music.

Musical Alchemy
Converting competition, jealousy, depression, inertia, and fear into power-packed action in support of your personal goals.

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