In-School Residency INQUIRY

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a collaborative effort to provide your students with a new, mind and ear-widening musical experience. The following contract will provide the information necessary for this collaboration to be the best it can be. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
Please Note: If you have filled the form out correctly, it will disappear after you hit “submit.” If it is still on the page, search for the highlighted boxes to update correctly.

Workshop & Residency REQUEST FORM with Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Contract to book Julie Lyonn Lieberman for an in-school residency.
  • Please make sure that the address you provide will show up on a GPS. Sometimes the mailing address and GPS address don't match. This can make a huge difference when traveling with a tight schedule.
  • Please provide more details here, like topics that interest you, how the session(s) will be organized, your goals, and so on. If you wish Julie to meet with each of your classes across the normal string class schedule, please use this section to itemize the class times and level/size if known. Example: 8:30 a.m. MS 2nd year, 22 students 9:40 a.m. HS Soph, 80 students
  • Please be as detailed as possible. You travel to and fro every day, but remember that for someone arriving for the very first time, the details here can make a huge difference. Please keep in mind that she will be arriving with equipment that must be loaded in. Student assistance is always appreciated loading in and out.

  • If a W9 is required or any additional paperwork, please let us know asap. Please provide a fax number or email address to which payment paperwork should be submitted.
    PLEASE NOTE: Julie always makes an effort to work with your budgetary restrictions. If you can't afford her prices, let her know what you can afford.
  • If you have made special financial arrangements that are not listed above, please fill in the fee that you have agreed to pay in this box.
  • I UNDERSTAND THAT MY TYPED NAME WILL SERVE AS AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE. Further, I understand that a check for services rendered must be available on the day of the presentation and that any necessary forms (W9 or other school-required forms) to produce the check will be handled in a timely fashion. I agree to provide notification if this is not possible and to inform re: the date that the check will arrive to: 37 Parmalee Hill Road, Newtown, CT 06470
  • PLEASE HIT "SUBMIT" AFTER TYPING YOUR NAME. Addendum Notes: 1)Please have an electrical strip available if there aren’t at least three plugs within a foot of where Julie will stand. 2) She will need a table to set up her equipment.

    The electrical strip must be plugged directly into a wall socket to avoid static through her sound equipment. Please make sure to place the table in a safe spot, away from students so that potential accidents with expensive equipment are avoided.