Julie Lyonn Lieberman VIOLIN OF PEACE Tour

Between February and May 2014, Julie Lyonn Lieberman presented workshops and school residencies in six locations, working with well over 5,000 string students:

• Atlanta, GA     • Seattle, WA      • Wisconsin     • Denver, CO      • Michigan   • Halifax

Julie toured with the Violin of Peace, a violin specially made by Paul Davies for her Newtown Peace Park memorial concert, and a number of other projects that she spent 2013 working on in tribute to the shooting victims in her then home town of Newtown, CT. She also toured with the NS NXT violin made by NS Design.
Her workshops included Technology for Strings, Creative Musicianship, One Melody, Five Styles, and more. But every session started with a reminder, “Be kind to your neighbors.” “Newtown invites you to… be the change you see needed in the world …”

Julie Lyonn Lieberman in Halifax
Julie Lyonn Lieberman in Halifax October 2013: Two fun-filled days with teachers and students …