STRING TEACHERS! Trained in the 1900s to teach in the 21st century?
D’Addario Orchestral and Julie Lyonn Music are offering quarterly in-service days FREE TO STRING TEACHERS to help you upgrade your skills for teaching in yesterday’s AS WELL AS today’s world.

The next session will take place on Sunday October 24th, 2021 from 9-4:45 EST


Session Content will include …

9AM-10:15 AM

Capturing the Style

During this session, we’ll examine the musical ingredients that define style with

particular emphasis on preparation for the open reading sessions that follows:

rhythmic subtext [“groove”], structure, harmonic motion, ornamentation, slide

technique, bowings (including chop technique) and more!


Open Reading Session

Julie has over two dozen multi-style scores published by Kendor and Alfred. Julie

will supply parts for three of her published multi-style string orchestra scores along

with backing tracks. This approach will enable you to select and play a part with

“the rest of the orchestra,” and explore playing as well as teaching and conducting

techniques for each. []

◊ TechnoStrings

◊ Bollywood Strings

◊ Hotter Than Blues

◊ A Cinematic Journey

12:00 PM-12:30PM

Strings 101


Five Stepladders to Improvisation

During this session, we’ll begin with a focus on riff-based followed by blues-based

improvisational techniques for follow-through from our open reading session.

Time allowing, we’ll delve into an overview of the skills required as well as the

psychological aspect of setting students free from the printed page.


Playing Healthy: An Ergonomic Approach to Music-Making

Playing Healthy requires using your mind and muscles such that you achieve the

best results with the least amount of effort. In order to accomplish this, you may

need to reexamine and reorganize how you warm up and warm down, how you

practice, rehearse, and perform, as well as how you deal with nervousness.

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Learn to play healthy.