Strings Without Boundaries

Strings Without Boundaries


Strings Without Boundaries: Where 21st century technique meets tradition, creativity and style

10 Reasons to join us at Strings Without Boundaries this summer in Omaha, Nebraska at Hot Shops Arts Center, home to over 70 artist’s studios:

* Gain the freedom to play, compose, improvise, and perform in any style

* Gift yourself with an in-depth foray into American and world styles

* Experience making music in a sharing community

* Develop new right- and left-hand techniques

* Welcome lightning bolts about form, structure, harmonic motion, and more…

* Uplift your solo and ensemble experiences

* Participate in Soul-singing, foot-tapping, Pinky-Groovin’ jams

* Have more fun making music than you dreamed possible

* Benefit from an incredible faculty of internationally recognized professional educators and performers

Each day choose from two dozen classes in American and world styles, creative musicianship, technology for strings, and more… Opt to play in the most unique orchestra on the planet, Planet Strings. 

Strings Without Boundaries creates a sharing environment for amateur through professional players as well as students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds.

We focus on string technique and repertoire from American and world traditions, creative musicianship, and technology-enhanced approaches. In addition, we offer teacher-training.

2020 will be our 18th summer and our 25th season. To date, we’ve spanned seven locations (Pittsburgh PA, Seattle WA, Ellensburg WA, Atlanta GA, Savannah GE, Appleton WI and Omaha, NE). 

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