Each program includes 6 to 7 scores, practice as well as backing tracks, a press release template & a script for 2 narrators…
with optional harp parts as well as video tutorials

Scores or Violin parts are also available separately and include backing tracks. Viola & Cello parts available soon.

 Concert programs designed to honor the musical imagination of the world!

Planet Strings Informance offers a one-of-a-kind series of multi-style programs that lead students and their audience on a moving journey through musical history to witness the profound impact one small instrument has made on the world. From Farmland and Thirties Jazz Alleys, to the fine line between traditional and modern sounds... The violin has crafted the soundtrack of our lives. This exciting new Informance beautifully fuses entertainment with education in a comprehensive yet flexible multi-media package.

Planet Strings has been designed to educate students as well as parents and administration re: the rich and important history of bowed string styles created in America and around the world. Players will discover new left- and right-hand skills and develop creative musicianship skills while broadening their exposure to the musical imagination of the world. Even adult players can make use of this program!

Fiddling in America

Irish, Appalachian, Cajun & Bluegrass:

1. Kia

2. Si Bheag, Si Mhor

3. Mason's Apron

4. Reuben

5. Sally Goodin'

6. Jolie Blonde

7. Cripple Creek

Contemporary Strings

Blues, Swing, Jazz, & Rock/Pop

1. Mindy's Fiddle Blues INTRO

2. Jazz Arpeggios and Riffs

3. Lady's Fancy/Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle

4. Strings du Swing

5. Rockin' the Rock

Stringin' the World

Norwegian, Klezmer, Romanian, Calentano from Mexico, Bollywood from India, & African

1. Dimisjonspolsen Ferrear

2. Romanian Hora

3. The Romany Trail

4. De Huetamo a Pachuca

5. Journey to Bollywood


Julie Lyonn Lieberman has been opening doors and windows for string players to fly through since the time that few knew those openings even existed. Her generosity and ability to organize large amounts of information is remarkable, and we string players of the world are the beneficiaries. Thanks, Julie!


Julie Lyonn Lieberman has been teaching, performing, and making fiddle music accessible and beautiful for decades. Old-time music is well-represented here. Thanks, Julie!


Julie is one of the stars of the multi-genre string pedagogy world. This project is sure to whet your appetite for more exploration into the amazing versatility of your bowed string instrument. Brava!

rachel barton pine, concert violinist, recording artist

As a string player and contractor in New York for many decades, I can testify that there is a growing demand for string players who can improvise, are familiar with many popular styles, and can play both acoustic and electric. This is an extremely valuable tool for players who want to expand their musical skill set as well as their career opportunities!

joe deninzon, Rock and jazz violinist currently on the 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR  with kansas

Playing multiple styles helps sensitize string players to the alluring nuances of specific styles—from bowing patterns and accents to ornaments and variations, from repertoire and great historical performances to unwritten rules and expectations. Sure, it can be a challenge, but it's a fun and worthwhile challenge, and Julie provides a lexicon of techniques and tunes.

david reiner, founder, fiddle hell massachusetts festival


do I have to use the entire script and all the scores in that are packaged within the program I've chosen?

No. This is a Julie Lyonn Music "Flexi-Project," meaning it's been designed to enable you to use however many scores as you want. Feel free to edit the script as well. You can cut out parts of it or add to it.
The script has been organized into timed units. You know your goals, students, and audience best and can shape the script to the length that suits your program's needs. For instance, you might ope to change the order of the pieces, only use excerpts from each program, skip solos when they're called for or extend them so that all your students have an opportunity to add their imaginative ideas. You might even decide to only perform one piece of music per concert. In that case, copy the program notes for that piece and you'll be set!

Why do some scores offer more than one practice and performance track per score?

Many of the scores in all three programs have been coupled with more than one practice and/or performance track.
The differences consist of:
1) a range of tempi to suit your student's needs; and, 2) If the piece of music includes the opportunity for students to solo, then we've supplied a few choices. For instance, if only a small handful of students wish to solo, a shorter track is available as compared to a longer version of the same track.

Do i have to use all the pieces called for in the script?

If you have a score in the same style that you prefer to use, feel free to use it in addition to or as a replacement.

What levels are the scores written for?

Each piece of music indicates the levels it's meant for as does the description for each program. In general, the levels have been determined using the typical criteria for bowed string music. BUT… non-classical styles present a different set of challenges than classical. Therefore, rating levels don't quite match the status quo. For instance, if your students have never improvised before, the program, Contemporary Strings, will provide a wonderful opportunity to develop those skills.
The same applies for styles that require bowing techniques like shuffle stroke (Program I) or chop technique (Program II). And, each style will provide new approaches to ornamentation such as grace notes, as well as scales that contain a gap of a minor third in addition to whole and half steps (Program III). We recommend that you factor all these ingredients into the levels we've supplied, which ranges from levels 2.5 up to 3.5.

what options do i have for the scripted narration?

I'm sure every single one of you has had a student who hurt their hand or arm playing sports, or whose skill-set is way behind the other strings students. In a pinch, they can be chosen as the narrators. But it's highly recommended you choose students who feel comfortable speaking clearly and expressively on stage.
You can also enlist a few drama students rather than using string students or invite other teachers, administration, or local celebrities to narrate. When hired for a school residency to assist with the program, Julie Lyonn Lieberman often encourages the use of anyone who is in a position of power over their program to narrate. This way, besides having the opportunity to "walk the walk" with your students, he or she will learn from the script about the rich history behind each style and appreciate your efforts on a new level.

Program I: Fiddling in America: 7 Scores with parts as well as practice & performance tracks. Levels 2.5 - 3.5 Irish, Appalachian, Cajun, & bluegrass.

Here's a sample of the scores and music…

Program II: Contemporary Strings: 6 Scores with parts as well as practice & performance tracks.
Levels 2 - 3 Blues, Swing, Jazz, & Rock/Pop

Program III: Stringin' the World: 6 Scores with parts as well as practice & performance tracks

Levels 3 - 3.5 Norwegian, Klezmer, Romany (originally referred to as Gypsy), Calentano from Mexico, Bollywood from India, and African. 

Each program includes program notes, a press release template, optional harp parts and video tutorials, and a narrated script designed to educate and entertain students and audiences.

Don't need a full concert program? You can buy individual scores or just violin parts—both come with backing tracks.

You can… 
(1) Purchase a full program labeled as "Program Core" or a combination of two or all three programs; 
(2) Purchase separate scores with parts as well as practice & performance tracks; or 
(3) Purchase any of the first violin parts which also come with backing tracks.

Hi, I'm Julie Lyonn Lieberman
 Thank you for your interest in this groundbreaking project!

This project is the culmination of many decades of work that includes hundreds of interviews, personal relationships with historic players, and original research—all conducted over the years to write 13 books, 2 National Public Radio series (The Talking Violin hosted by Dr. Billy Taylor and Jazz Profiles: Jazz Violin hosted by Nancy Wilson), over 50 magazine articles, hundreds of video tutorials, 28 seasons as Artistic Director of the summer program, Strings Without Boundaries, and string teacher training sessions hosted by D'Addario Orchestral, NS Design, Eastman Strings, and Double Bass HQ.

I have presented clinics for American String Teachers Association at 24 conferences, as well as for NAfME chapters throughout America, the European String Teachers Association, and many colleges and universities. I have also worked with middle through high school students in school residencies for over 4 decades.

I am the co-author of "Standards, Goals and Learning Sequences for Essential Skills and Knowledge in K-12 String Programs" penned with Jane Linn Aten, Mary L. Wagner, and Stephen J. Benham. I am also the recipient of the 2014 American String Teachers Association (ASTA) Kudos Award, over two-dozen ASCAP Plus Awards, eight Meet the Composer awards and three American String Teachers Association’s National Citation for Leadership & Merit awards. The documentary I designed, moderated, performed in and edited—Improvised Violin: Four Personal Views with Leroy Jenkins, Billy Bang, and John Blake, Jr., won honorable mention in the American Film and Video Festival. I have also performed on and off Broadway, in folk and jazz clubs, and composed for many theatre and dance companies. I have five recordings of original music to my credit in addition to being the featured violinist on Laura Nyro's album, "Mother's Spiritual."

I am an NS Design performance artist, a premiere D'Addario Orchestral clinician, and an Eastman Series+ Ambassador.

If you would like to hire Julie Lyonn Lieberman (multi-style performer, actress, and author of this program) or David Finch (multi-instrumentalist and actor) or both of them to work with your students and even perform with them as both narrators and musicians, please contact Julie Lyonn Music with dates, number of days, and location for a price quote.

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