Mindy’s Fiddle (Blues): Score, parts, & audio track (level 2.5)


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Blues music evolved out of African American slave’s field hollers, call and response used by work gangs, as well as a melismatic vocal style that often included a five-note scale found in West African music. The opening piece, “Mindy’s Fiddle Blues,” composed in the style of the historic blues fiddler Nap Hayes by Julie Lyonn Lieberman for her book, Rockin Out with Blues Fiddle, demonstrates the unique 12-bar form found in the blues, as well as the harmonic changes (chords). The soloist can improvise over numerous choruses—meaning the 12-bar structure—using a five-note scale, called a “minor pentatonic” scale. Soloists can also use scales derived from the chords, known as chordal scales.


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