Julie Lyonn Lieberman’s Equipment

Julie Lyonn Lieberman’s performance and recording equipment consists of …


Julie Lyonn Lieberman uses Helicore and Zyex strings by D’Addario on all of her instruments. She prefers these strings for their warm, full-bodied tone, quick response, smooth surface for left-hand techniques from world styles, and for how quickly they break in.


Julie is currently touring with The Violin of Peace, built by Paul Davies of Australia. This instruments was created for her projects for her hometown, Newtown, in tribute to the shooting victims. She has historically performed and recorded on a Mittenwald  violin from the mid-1800s and uses a Glasser carbon fibre braided bow. She has a second Mittenwald instrument with an L.R. Baggs pickup installed in the bridge.

For acoustic with clip-on mike, she uses a mic from Bartlett Audio. One of her violins is outfitted with an L.R. Baggs pickup system.

Julie is the proud owner of a number of Glasser carbon fibre bows gifted by Andrew Glasser. She loves each and every one of them for their beautiful tone, quick response, and eagerness to fulfill the workout she provides daily!

NS_ASTA JLLieberman Ad FNLJulie’s primary electric violin is an NS NXT, made by Ned Steinberger, and given to her as a gift. She worked with the company to modify the e.q. to suit her preferences. The instrument is light-weight, easy to travel with alongside her acoustic or on its own, and offers a beautiful tone. Julie created ten instructional videos using the NS NXT, filmed at the D’Addario Bowed String’s video studio in New York, titled ELECTRIC SPICE.

Of particular interest to NS Design players, are the videos Julie created which have been posted by D’Addario in The Lesson Room to teach NS players how to change the strings on the NS and also how to mount and position the shoulder rest to meet the player’s needs. The other videos address the use of the electric, special effects, and the techniques that can be applied to take advantage of the solid-body technology. Julie worked with NS Design to create a loaner program so that string departments wishing to perform her string orchestra score, Bollywood Strings, would have access to an electric for the electric violin part she wrote for both the middle school and high school editions of the piece. This work is a flexi-score: the two levels can interlock for an all-school, intergenerational performance. It was published by Kendor Music.

Julie also occasionally uses her five-string purple viper, designed and built by Mark Wood as a gift to her. This instrument has been useful in school residencies for its flashy look, the hands-free design so that she can alternate between conducting and tweaking equipment and playing without ever putting the instrument down, and for the fifth string, making it easier for her to coordinate with the violists and cellist.

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