Multi-Style String Orchestra Scores  

Bollywood … Rock …

Appalachian … Klezmer … Irish … Provencal … Blues … & more: Check out Julie's multi-media concert kit for a multi-style one-of-a-kind concert!

The musical imagination of the world offers so many

exciting possibilities for string orchestras to take advantage of. Julie was one of the first to start composing in American and World roots styles for string orchestra. 

Of note, is Julie Lyonn Lieberman's music for the play, The Yellow House, written and directed by Leonardo Shapiro (Shaliko Company), which premiered at La Mama and represented the U.S. at the Theatre of Nations. Ms. Lieberman’s composition for string quartet, Ben’s Millennium Romp, (commissioned by Manchester Music Festival) received a standing ovation when it opened their summer 2000 season alongside compositions by Tania Leone and David Amram.

The Hobo Violin, commissioned by Cedar Rapids Symphony, premiered in 2003. Her commissions for the Duluth Orchestra as well as 70 minutes of original music for the video, Body Logos, premiered in 2004. In addition, she was commissioned four times by the Writers in Performance series at City Center to compose music for their productions, including “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” a project overseen by Alec Baldwin.

About the Compositions

In addition to string orchestra scores geared to specific levels, Julie created a new approach many years ago called Flexi-Scores. A Flexi-Score is made up of a junior and senior level score for the same piece. Each score can be performed on its own, but the two interlock for intergenerational performances. To date, she's composed Flexi-Scores titled "Bollywood Strings," "Klezmer Celebration," and "Celtic Butterfly." The picture below is of 850 Students performing Julie's flexi-score “Celtic Butterfly” in Halifax, organized by string director Sue Ellen Wilder.

Julie’s string orchestra score "French Roast," is a J.W. Editor’s Choice. Her string orchestra Flexi-Score, "Bollywood Strings," has been performed all over the world, including in India (twice) and is a string orchestra favorite with the world's first dedicated electric violin part for each level. It includes an electric violin part, JR. and SR. versions that stand alone or interlock  for an intergenerational concert, 10 instructional videos (“Electric Spice” on Youtube), and an authentic Bollywood backing track for rehearsal and performance available on iTunes.

Her scores can be found on J.W. Pepper and many other other sites


The "mix water and stir" multi-media concert designed to educate students and parents about the rich music developed on violin in America. 

This exciting concert program fuses entertainment with education in a comprehensive yet flexible multi-media package. The Planet Strings Concert Package incorporates upbeat narration with multi-styled orchestral scores for 1st & 2nd violin, viola, cello, and bass. Multi-media is included.

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