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Carl Fischer Concert String Orchestra Series

Composed by Julie Lyonn Lieberman. Score and parts. Duration 4 minutes, 31 seconds. Published by Carl Fischer (CF.CAS91).  Grade 3.

StringDreamsCoverItem Number: CF.CAS91, ISBN 9781491142066.

This lighthearted quodlibet was commissioned by ASTA and premiered at the 2015 conference. It provides a fabulous tool to introduce your students to key musical themes across time. The score plays off of the musician’s nocturnal mind to combine twelve historic themes by condensing and expanding them the way our subconscious mind often toys with daytime experiences. In total, this composition celebrates the string player’s full potential: Where loyalty to the written note serves the imagination’s creative playground. What is composition, if not a grand improvisation captured in a snapshot?

String Orchestra Scores Published by Alfred Music:

Newtown Peace Anthem (Flexi-score for MS and HS levels)
Midnight’s Celtic Run (Celtic)
Folk Dance From Provence (Provencal)
Rockin’ It (rock)
Lebedike Honga (Klezmer)
Hotter Than Blues (Blues)
Twin Sisters (Old-time with a Celtic twinge)
Flop Eared Mule (Old-time)
Blues Fiddle on the Fringe (blues)
Terkisher Klezmer Celebration (Klezmer)
Mason’s Apron (Celtic)

String Orchestra Scores Published by Kendor Music:

French Roast (J.W. Pepper’s Editors Choice and on Smart Music)
A Cinematic Journey

Butterfly (Flexi-Score for Junior and Senior levels)
Klezmer Fest (Flexi-Score for Junior and Senior levels)
Bollywood Strings (Flexi-Score for Junior and Senior levels) See tutorial videos, performance video, authentic Indian percussion backup tracks, and NS Design Loaner Program: THE BOLLYWOOD STRINGS PROJECT
TechnoStrings with (optional) Backup Track available on iTunes by the same name
A Cinematic Journey (This score has been designed to couple with a LESSON PLAN on Cinematic Music)

850 Students performing the flexi-score "Celtic Butterfly" in Halifax, organized by string director Sue Ellen Wilder
850 students performing the flexi-score “Celtic Butterfly” in Halifax, organized by string director Sue Ellen Wilder