What is a Flexi-Score?

Designed by Julie Lyonn Lieberman to create an intergenerational all-community event, this string orchestra score includes a junior/MS level (2 or 2+) string orchestra score as well as a senior/HS level (3+ – 4+) score. Each level can be performed as a stand-alone and is available for individual purchase. The two levels can also interlock seamlessly.

When both levels are combined, juniors and seniors can enjoy a richly inspiring sonic experience, learn from one another, and participate in a community-style festival or concert.

You can also invite a high school student to play the senior electric violin part with your middle school orchestra, or invite a junior level player to perform the junior electric violin part with your high school orchestra.

850 Students performing the flexi-score “Celtic Butterfly” in Halifax, organized by string director Sue Ellen Wilder
What Can a Flexi-Score Contribute to Local Professional String Players and our Local Symphony or Community Orchestra?

• Invite a local professional to perform with your school’s orchestra. They can play the Senior Electric Violin part acoustically or on an electric.
• Coordinate a performance with your local professional orchestra so that students can get a taste of performing in a larger concert venue with the community’s most revered players. Your school can help support the local symphony or community orchestra by bringing a ready-made audience (their parents). The dual-level score is a perfect fit because the professionals can play the senior level score, while the students play the junior level.

What Can a Flexi-Score Contribute to My String Program?

Julie Lyonn Lieberman has piloted the use of flexi-scores in a number of school residencies across the country. Inspired by worldwide roots traditions — communities that make music together do so for life — she created these scores to support an intergenerational community-oriented approach to music-making within school string programs. String directors, string students and parents have responded with enormous enthusiasm.

Flexi-scores provide a broader performance experience because your concert can become an all-county concert with string departments from other schools; you can even perform with your regional orchestra.

This is a potent way to fight for support for our dying string programs by upping the participation level of the local community: the exponential number of students involved — and therefore, parents — can stimulate support and generate recruitment