Planet Strings uses music, narrative, eclectic-style scores and multi-media to take students and their audience on a moving journey through musical history to witness the profound impact one small instrument has made on our culture.

Purchase the Planet Strings package, and you will receive: 11 string orchestra scores(levels 2.5 – 3.5), a script divided into four scenes (each lasts 6 – 15 minutes long or more, depending on whether or not students solo on certain pieces), and 5 sound effects/voiceovers that coordinate with the script. Tutorial videos and performance videos are included.

A $750 package for just $199.00!!

The Planet Strings Informance isn’t just another string orchestra concert! 

From Farmland America, Thirties Jazz Alleys, to the fine line between ancient and modern sounds… The violin has crafted the soundtrack of our lives. This exciting new Informance beautifully fuses entertainment with education in a comprehensive yet flexible multi-media package.

This product contains eleven string orchestra scores

Please note: Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a download link for the six performance videos as well as the tutorial videos.